Our Work

Dreams from the slum Initiative has been able to start and continue certain programmes since inception
 Free Weekend Literacy supplementary classes:
This is  aimed to teach the kids basic literally skills,infuse values and morals into them so they have an healthy self esteem not allowing their locality to be an hindrance to their
future as children. This class compliments what they are being taught in school as we observed that majority of the children performs poorly.
Medical Outreach
We partner with other non-governmental organization whose major concern is on health outreach to the poor and less privileged such as Quick Medical Service and the Redcross to carry out a quarterly medical checkup for the children.
 Feed A Child Scheme
 We observed that most of the kids poor performance in school is due to the fact that they go to school on empty stomach, so we decided to start up a monthly feeding scheme by providing provisions, noodles  and other food items are given to the parents/guardians on behalf of the kids.
Other activity we embark on includes
-Smart in School : This is designed to make the children be smart in school by providing new school uniforms for them, writing materials, socks , bags and shoe.
-Smiling Season : We tend to make provide food supplies for their families during festive seasons and we expose the kids by taking them to places they’ve always dreamt of visiting. Connecting them to role models etc. We believe in making them have a dream outside the slum by expanding their horizon while having fun.
-MentorAChild: This is an avenue where  the top 20 kids that performs well academically are being assigned to a mentor who is either a celebrity/role model who will have a time out with them once in a month for a period of 12months. This is to inspire them to perform even more academically and to challenge others to dream more and achieve more.

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