Dreams From The Slum ®

Creative Learning in The Slum

Every child has seeds of greatness in them, and no doubt they are all unique being. A child born in the slum also has great and valid dreams. They may be born in the slum but the slum is not born inside of them.

This inspired a collaborated effort between two Global Youth Ambassador based in Nigeria  “Isaac success Omoyele and Olowo Omotoke”.
Isaac is the founder of Dreams from the slum, an initiative that runs an education centre in the slum to help reduce the number of out of school children and ensuring children are in school and learning through creative learning approach via arts and multi media.
Olowo Omotoke founder at “The Autism Awareness Place” she has vast experience in creative learning approach haven worked with organizations for children with special need.
This birthed the Creative Learning In The Slum to creatively engage the minds of children in Ajegunle( A slum community in Lagos, Nigeria) to be able to identify alphabets better and know how to spell words.

The children explore the beauty of arts as they engaged in fingers painting  which signifies visions and dreams in their mind written in the Sand of time and a making them realize that education is their right.

They made beautiful collage of fish, apple,umbrella,house, and was able to spell and better pronounce this words.