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13 Years Old orphan 'Lateef Bello' gets scholarship

Lateef captured dancing after he received his pack of food.

On the 26th December, 2015, Lateef Bello heard about the Mega children’s party from @dreamsfromtheslum and was excited with the fact that there would be enough food and drinks for all. Lateef came for the event and was amazed to see over 6,000 children like him at the party.


The greatest part of the event for him was when he received a customized pack filled with food with assorted beef accompanied with a drink. This wasn’t the usual kind of party Lateef do attend or what he expected because it was beyond his imagination. This made lateef to invent his own dance step as he danced in jubilation. Thank God we had the CEO of MyPassionMylifeMedia (@OnyeUbanatu1) on stand-by as he captured the moment creatively and professionally as Lateef displayed his excitement.
It was this expression of Lateef that caught the attention of the leadership of Dream Project for Africa and they were interested in knowing more about Lateef, and seeing how they can be of aid to him. Lateef’s expression wasn’t normal no doubt, and that attracted much attention towards knowing the reasons for his action. Lateef is a boy who didn’t believe he would have such food all for himself and who hasn’t had to drink a bottle of mineral all by himself.

@dreamsfromtheslum team went ahead in search of Lateef in the nooks and crannies of Ifelodun Local Council and Ajeromi Local Government.

Isaac Success and DFTS team finally found Lateef

When we finally found him, we discovered he is in primary 6; he lost his dad at age 5 and never knew his mother till date because she dumped him when he was given birth to, and was abandoned to be cared for by his grandmother. Lateef is without a father and a mother, and he lives with his grandmother. Lateef is quite intelligent but his education has been a great challenge not minding that he loves and craves for knowledge.

His dream is to become a medical doctor but he lost that because of the circumstance he found himself in as his grandmother and uncle proposed planned was for him to be a Mechanic ‘in training’ after primary six as the poverty cum hardship the family face couldn’t afford them his secondary school education.

Lateef recieved his scholarship letter from DPA CEO/Founder

According to the CEO of Dream project of Africa, Nelson Oluwabukola Michael, “Yesterday, because of factors beyond Lateef’s control, Lateef became one among millions of Nigerian children sentenced to a future of uncertainty, hunger, nakedness, homelessness, violence, abuse, exposure to terrorism, sickness and untimely death. This was Lateef’s future as of yesterday. But today, Dream Project for Africa is rewriting Lateef’s story, by offering him a future that’s guaranteed to help him attain the highest limits of his God-given potentials. A future, where Lateef would have access to good food, good clothing, a good home, a feel of love and protection.
A future, which makes it possible for Lateef to play a major role in helping to rebuild this nation or even lead the nation as its president. “We are offering Lateef full sponsorship up to the University Level. This package also covers monthly feeding and clothing allowance.”, he added.

The scholarship letter to Lateef

Now Lateef’s dream of becoming a Medical Doctor has been ignited and a transition has occurred from a road side mechanic into being a Medical Doctor. No doubt, children that maybe born in the slum also got valid dreams because the slum is not born in them. Omoyele Isaac success (DFTS founder) specially appreciated the @dp4africa leadership for making this happen, and gave huge thanks to @dreamsfromtheslum team and volunteers for their selflessness to humanity in ensuring that every child is in school and learning.